01 martie 2006


Stai lângă mine şi priveşte-mă
Dormi lângă mine şi visează-mă.

N-are rost să-ţi aminteşti ce-a fost
Fiindcă tot ce-a fost a trecut.

Cântă cu mine şi ascultă-mă
Plângi pentru mine şi salvează-mă.
Nu e greu să crezi că tu eşti eu
Şi dorinţa mea e a ta.

Stinge lumina şi aprinde-mă,
Rupe din tine, întregeşte-mă,

visarea şi trezeşte-mă.

Sorry for my English-speaking friends, but this one is for a special day here in Romania. It's also my last one on blogspot.com, but you should easily find me somewhere ;) else. Thank you, thank you for every little bit you've done to put a smile on my face!

26 februarie 2006

On the road again

16 ianuarie 2006

The weirdest task I ever got engaged in: taking pics of brownies.
Job sweet job!

14 ianuarie 2006

Up above us.

03 noiembrie 2005

Two years

For two years, this little „suomi” fella treated me right. Maybe the only one who did it.

30 octombrie 2005

B&W copy

Last night, in a place with lots of B&W pics on the walls. Coudn't refrain from copying (hello, my name is B and I'm an alcooholic; at least
I admit it).


Egyed Ufo Zottan inspired: photographing the photographer. Yup, this one had a Rebel XT too, but lotsa people (which I couldn't understand in the past and more so now) use it.

07 octombrie 2005

My room

Don't drink and shoot, you might hurt someone (or yourself).


Careful, you might taste a little bolt.


My way or the highway. Or my way. MY way!

Sunset @ 100mph

In a hurry; to be more specific, in a Renault Megane.

04 septembrie 2005

Sometimes no enhancement can do what nature does. Searching for a way to capture it... Wish me Luck!

02 septembrie 2005

Me and my Danube

Last night it rained, while I was watching "Sleepless in Seattle". This... This pic is sleeples, just like me.

30 august 2005

Fugitive look to the ruins from my past; a long time ago they were sparkling w/ life.

22 august 2005

Lights out? I'm in!

16 august 2005

Regular B&W lifes, waiting for a coloured splotch.

12 august 2005

„I like it when I light those stars in your eyes
Just like fireworks in the sky”

It's not official, but I heard a rumor: the autumn is here.

08 august 2005

Lighning struck ~500 yards from me. Too tired to write something "interesting" here...

03 august 2005

Loving you 'cuz you're beautiful... I love cats, and anyone having a problem with that can go *love* himself.

Coffee shelf. Hot is bad, ice is good.


He's everywhere

The hill.

Queen of the hill

Loneliness part two: empty screen. When the batteries go play in the eternal prairies of hunting...

Smoking is bad for my loneliness.
One-trip friends, the new call of our age.

28 iulie 2005

The all-seeing eye

25 iulie 2005

Even the mountains pray.

23 iulie 2005

Gab, Jen, Alex, aciu, hallelujah, Alex again (and more than this: even TC), Bug, _a_. Nice to see you, even if some of you didn't even knew why. HBtM, and I love you all!

18 iulie 2005

Lost in Marlboro country

The sun always shines on TV

17 iulie 2005

After the storm

You're on the right track, kid!

Found in a Kodak manual:

She walks in beauty like the night
Of cloudless climes and starry skies...
Why do you photograph something? Admittedly sometimes out of habit, but usually because you are stirred by the subject before you. Lord Byron didn't write those lines (from the poem „She Walks in Beauty”) just because he had a quill in his hand.

08 iulie 2005

...thy will be DONE!


No, I'm not a high priest, I'm from Romania; they would call me some other way.

Hi there, bug!

25 iunie 2005

My century can be other than yours.

Passing thru the world down under, under the city, a night at a time.

When I’m walking a dark road
At night or strolling through the park...

22 iunie 2005

The girl says: can we take it home, pleeeeeeze?

20 iunie 2005

Robocopters, made in Europe

Blue sky w/ some clouds... Check! Cheerful peoples all around... Check! Up we go!

We salute you too!


Group... 'chute.

Love is in the air...