28 mai 2005

...and give us our late thinking...

After I read some article or another from TTL my view changed almost 180°; I decided to post far fewer pics here, and kept only what I hoped to be at least decent; many of them failed to stay :-) with us. I only have a single really good one wich I'm not allowed to show...

And I also hope that this first photo-less :-) text is the only one, from now on, and also the only one in wich I write... this much; and, given the opportunity, let me say another thing: I'd love to see some opinions from you. Yes, you!

27 mai 2005

All the roads...

26 mai 2005

The Sun, in my plane :) of view...

Ray of life

Each and every day I'm walking thru a park. Doesn't matter which one, I only wanna walk.

25 mai 2005

We were children, we were soldiers, we shall be young again.

24 mai 2005

...by the moon and the stars and the sky.

Warning: don't even THINK that you can see all of it on a LCD/TFT display!

23 mai 2005

You can't feel the soft sensation of fresh jasemine on your cheek, all I can show you here is an image.