25 iunie 2005

My century can be other than yours.

Passing thru the world down under, under the city, a night at a time.

When I’m walking a dark road
At night or strolling through the park...

22 iunie 2005

The girl says: can we take it home, pleeeeeeze?

20 iunie 2005

Robocopters, made in Europe

Blue sky w/ some clouds... Check! Cheerful peoples all around... Check! Up we go!

We salute you too!


Group... 'chute.

Love is in the air...

Which way for 2007?

They were only listening the public. A truly earned rest time.

Naturally posterized. Or not.

Listening the crowd roaring your songs while you keep the silence... priceless.

The cat is NOT named Narcis.

Morning bloody morning (2)

The shadow of Narcis

The wother way around, part 2: under the bridge (w/o chilly, but
w/ a red hot monument).

Mitza sayz: wasteeeeeeed! (Hi, mr. Editor-in-chief!)

That's the way I like it!

15 iunie 2005

Black night

...or not quite.

14 iunie 2005

Remember Castlevania

13 iunie 2005

Here's your macro

Anybody, lemon?

Good morning!

07 iunie 2005

Playin' the mirror for them, on special request.

06 iunie 2005

Duck hunting, close encounter part III: the year when we made (eye) contact.

Duck hunting, part II: family reunion.

Jungle room

Question: why the bass guitar has only five strings? Friends ;) know why (beer mode ON)

CAT scanning the CHiP magazine :)

01 iunie 2005

The wother way around :)

The most pleasurable duck hunt: thru the viewfinder.

It's only a matter of perspective.