08 august 2005

Lighning struck ~500 yards from me. Too tired to write something "interesting" here...


Anonymous Anonim said...

Reusita poza, bun aparat, talentat pozar :)
Dr B

09 august, 2005 16:16  
Anonymous th1nk3r said...

nice shot, but photoshop those cables out of there ;)

PS: 500 yards is FAAAR compared to my record :p

13 august, 2005 17:57  
Blogger bomath said...

It's the only one I ever saw (live) in my life. But feel free to show me the picture of your `record` :D
I don't wanna modify the pic in any way, the only thing I did was noise removal.

22 august, 2005 21:05  

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