25 aprilie 2005

Been there, done that.

23 aprilie 2005

Sometimes I think that this lazy cat is only an accessory that came w/ my bed sheets.

21 aprilie 2005

I was thrilled: the first real digital consumer camera I ever took hold of, and not just some crap lenses attached to a digital sensor:
Casio QV-2900UX.

©2001 Vasile Prodan

20 aprilie 2005

Puff! ...goes the smoke...

That's what you get for NOT brushing your teeth.

Cigarette break. Work (and working out) helped a lot when my brains wouldn't stop ticking.

This was last time when I allowed myself to look into my past. A good friend of mine helped me forgetting it, gettin' over; he also was there and was kind enough to take a picture. And boy, did he took!

That's the way someone once used to see me; meanwhile that eye decided to keep itself wide shut...

Young enough to be restless, old enough to be wise. How arrogant...