28 iulie 2005

The all-seeing eye

25 iulie 2005

Even the mountains pray.

23 iulie 2005

Gab, Jen, Alex, aciu, hallelujah, Alex again (and more than this: even TC), Bug, _a_. Nice to see you, even if some of you didn't even knew why. HBtM, and I love you all!

18 iulie 2005

Lost in Marlboro country

The sun always shines on TV

17 iulie 2005

After the storm

You're on the right track, kid!

Found in a Kodak manual:

She walks in beauty like the night
Of cloudless climes and starry skies...
Why do you photograph something? Admittedly sometimes out of habit, but usually because you are stirred by the subject before you. Lord Byron didn't write those lines (from the poem „She Walks in Beauty”) just because he had a quill in his hand.

08 iulie 2005

...thy will be DONE!


No, I'm not a high priest, I'm from Romania; they would call me some other way.

Hi there, bug!