30 august 2005

Fugitive look to the ruins from my past; a long time ago they were sparkling w/ life.

22 august 2005

Lights out? I'm in!

16 august 2005

Regular B&W lifes, waiting for a coloured splotch.

12 august 2005

„I like it when I light those stars in your eyes
Just like fireworks in the sky”

It's not official, but I heard a rumor: the autumn is here.

08 august 2005

Lighning struck ~500 yards from me. Too tired to write something "interesting" here...

03 august 2005

Loving you 'cuz you're beautiful... I love cats, and anyone having a problem with that can go *love* himself.

Coffee shelf. Hot is bad, ice is good.


He's everywhere

The hill.

Queen of the hill

Loneliness part two: empty screen. When the batteries go play in the eternal prairies of hunting...

Smoking is bad for my loneliness.
One-trip friends, the new call of our age.